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Our Process


1. Contact Us
Send an email or give us a quick call and let us know what you are looking for

2. Free Sample
We will arrange to get you a free no obligation sample to test.

3. Become a Client
Only once you are happy with our free samples will we ask you to become a client.


The Lead & Close Process

  1. On the initial call we telephone investors and ask a series of questions aimed at finding out about their investment needs.
  2. If we feel that your investment product is a good match. There is a second call where we explain the features, benefits and how the opportunity works.
  3. We qualify for liquidity and suitability and then schedule a call back between you and the investor.
  4. You are sent details of the lead with a full report of the calls and the callback time.
  5. If you are unable to contact the lead or unhappy with the quality, you can send it back to us where it will be replaced/rewarmed free of charge.