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Investor Leads

Are you a broker or brokerage looking for investment leads?

We generate investor leads who are interested and ready to invest. With years of experience we now believe the future is digital advertising. Our in-house team can build you a sales funnel creating inbound investment leads through Google.

We advertise on Google, Facebook & LinkedIn for all types of investments. From property investment to alternative investments to Cryptocurrency investments.

Are you looking for investors who want to invest £1000, £10,000 or £50,000 on their first investment? We can help create a steady stream of investment leads for your business.

Our digital marketing campaigns combine Facebook, Google and LinkedIn to generate fresh leads.

How does this work?

Here’s our Lead Generation process:-

1st Stage

We initially set up a dedicated landing page (white labelled) for your investment.
We drive traffic to your landing page through google adwords, twitter, facebook etc.

2nd Stage

A very brief call (1-2 minutes) to all the leads that have entered their details into your landing page. 
The main purpose of this call is to confirm they have entered their details and also to confirm they are open to looking at an investment opportunity.

3rd Stage
All the leads who said they would look at an investment opportunity, are then called a 2nd time.

This is a 10 -15 minute phone call.

During this call we will go through all the main points of your investment. And send you details of what was said and details of the leads investment history.
Confirm liquidity.

Arrange a callback time.

Take a memorable word from the lead, for you to use on your callback with them.

We also provide investment products to brokerages and agents. We carefully select products which can match with our inbound CPC investor leads.