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Investor Data

Investor data by Lead & Close

Investor data generated by Lead & Close. We have been established within the data industry since 2015. Our clients trust us to generate fresh investor data. Lead & Close has built a reputation that investment brokerages can count on. 


How does Lead & Close generate data?

We have numerous ways of generating our data.

The data with the highest conversion rate is our voice qualified investor data (pre-qualified leads). We have provided thousands of investors leads to investment brokerages and agents around the world.

Can I trust Lead & Close for property investor leads?

Lead & Close has numerous happy and long term clients worldwide. We have a reputation that can not be questioned. Our data is of the highest quality and we have been changing the lead generation industry and setting the standard in investment lead generation for over 5 years.

How do I start generating data?

So you want to test out our data?

Place your details on the contact us page and we will call you back to discuss alternative investment leads and what we can do for you.