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Data Lists

Here at Lead and Close we have vast data sources and we provide data to all sectors and industries.

Lead and Close are one of the biggest suppliers of Insurance leads in the UK. All records are fully opted in. We have data and leads for all insurance queries. Whether it be car or home insurance, our insurance lead and freshly generated and are interested in receiving quotes which could save them money and are looking to purchase within the next few months. Our data is ideal for companies looking to target people with any type of insurance policy.

Lead and Close provide consumer data that’s the cleanest in the UK.

Are you looking to target individuals or households? Do you want to reach an audience in a demographic area or salary bracket?
Lead and Close has detailed information on over 50 million consumers. So if you are looking for postal, landline, mobile or email data, Lead and Close can help.

Lead and Close’s data file is growing daily with over 50+ million records. We have the data you need for your next campaign; postal data, landline data, mobile/SMS data and email data.
Here at Lead and Close, we provide:

  • Investors Data
  • Automotive Marketing Data
  • Shopping Data
  • Telemarketing Data
  • Affluent Wealthy Individuals Data
  • Charity Donors Data
  • Gamblers Data
  • Travel Data
  • Lifestyle Data
  • Solar Data
  • Homeowners Data